De Veilige Nacht

Crafting a Safer Nightlife Experience
Dorigoni Design's collaboration with De Veilige Nacht aims to enhance the safety of Rotterdam's vibrant nightlife. Through comprehensive brand identity, website design, and a strategic social media campaign, we're setting new standards for awareness and safety in entertainment spaces.
Addressing Safety in Nightlife Entertainment
The challenge of ensuring safety while maintaining the joyous spirit of nightlife is complex. It requires a nuanced understanding of the environment and the needs of those it serves.
Our work with De Veilige Nacht underscores our ability to tackle real-world problems with creative solutions. By developing a cohesive brand identity and digital presence, we've provided a platform for increased awareness and proactive safety measures. This project highlights our skills in branding, web design, and social media strategy, as well as our soft skills in collaboration, strategic thinking, and social responsibility.
Designing for Impact
and Awareness
Creative solutions
September 2021