Type Design
Revolutionizing Typography with Frans
Dorigoni Design's foray into typeface design with Frans bridges the gap between traditional and modern aesthetics. By blending the simplicity of sans serif with the distinctiveness of Fraktur style, Frans is a testament to the power of typography in conveying emotion and character.
The Complexity of Typeface Design
Designing a typeface that balances readability with unique style presents a formidable challenge. The task demands not only a deep understanding of typography but also creativity and precision to ensure the typeface is versatile and functional across various applications.
Frans represents a journey of discovery and innovation. Utilizing Glyphs 3, a leap into unfamiliar software, underscored our adaptability and willingness to explore new frontiers in design. This project highlights our hard skills in typography and software proficiency, alongside our soft skills in creativity, problem-solving, and perseverance.
A Journey Through Design
and Experimentation
Room for Experiment
December 2020