Graphic Design & Book making
Bringing Visibility to Bisexuality Through Design
At the heart of Dorigoni Design is a commitment to using graphic design as a tool for social change. My project, Libi, exemplifies this by shedding light on bisexuality—a subject often misunderstood and misrepresented. By crafting an engaging book complemented by use of an app, Libi not only educates but also sparks meaningful conversations around bisexuality.
Challenges in Representation and Awareness
Understanding bisexuality and its diverse experiences presents a significant challenge. Mainstream narratives are frequently laden with stereotypes or extreme stories that don't represent the entire spectrum. This lack of visibility and accurate representation can alienate and silence those within the bisexual community.
Designing for
Understanding and Inclusion
A personal experience
June 2022
Libi was born from personal experience and a desire to broaden the narrative around bisexuality. Through comprehensive research, personal stories, and innovative design, I've created an accessible and engaging book. Enhanced by animated illustrations via a specialized app, Libi makes learning interactive and immersive. This project showcases not only our technical skills in graphic design and app development but also soft skills in empathy, storytelling, and community engagement.